The partners have participated as attorneys or legal counsel in complex cases including:

• Smoking litigation involving the indemnification and health care claimed by consumers of cigarettes in amounts above one billion pesos.

• Class action related to a mining accident (claims above 30 million dollars).

 Class action related to an accident involving transport of coal (claims above 13 million dollars).

• Nullity action of a mining concession (claims above 90 million dollars).

• Arbitration claims involving breakdown of machinery of  power generation (claims above 10 million in the aggregate).

• Arbitration under UNCITRAL rules regarding an alleged breach of a supply coal contract (claims above 34 million dollars).

• Arbitration under ICC rules related to breach of take or pay agreements (claims above 120 million dollars).

• Claims and proceedings involving agency of products such as consumer, automotive spare parts, pharmaceutical).

• Judicial and administrative claims regarding defective products.

• Tort cases involving facts occurred in Colombia but courts located abroad. Acting as local counsel advising U.S and UK law firms and participation as experts in substantive and procedural Colombian Law in cases in the State of Florida, U.S.

• Tort cases related to aircraft accidents ocurred in Colombia.

• Proceedings related to breach of multi modal transport contract.

• Arbitration related to breach of a waste collection service concession (claim above 2 million dollars).

• Arbitration claim related to agency rights against an insurance company.

• Arbitration related to claims of extra costs of higher amounts of construction and standby of equipment.

• Arbitration regarding claim of breach of contract filed against a telecom company related to the construction of cable network.